The Ig Nobel prize list 2018

I'm not sure that any of these beat my favourite experiment from 2004 to find out if Herring communicate by farting but they do come close.

Anthropology - Chimpanzees imitate humans in zoos as often as humans do them.
Biology - Proved that wine experts can detect a fly in their wine by smell alone.
Chemistry - Proved that human saliva is a good cleaning agent for dirty surfaces.
Medical Education - Lessons learned from Self Colonoscopy
Literature - Documented that people who use complicated products don't read the instructions.
Nutrition - Calculated that calorie intake from human-cannibalism is significantly lower than other meats.
Peace prize - Measuring the frequency, motivation and effects of shouting and cursing while driving.
Reproductive Medicine - Test to make sure that the male sexual organ is working properly using postage stamps.
Economics (My favoutire) - Investigated if it was effective for employees to retaliate against abusive bosses using Voodoo Dolls.

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